Tuesday, February 28, 2012

FCAT Manicure for Paula

If you're not from Florida, you probably won't know about the FCAT. It's an annual exam taken by grade school students age 6-15 in Florida designed to punish the teachers and kids each year. They teachers spend most of the year trying to teach the kids to pass the test (instead of, oh, say, schoolwork?) because the grades are used to allocate funding to or from the school. What this means is that if, like my daughter, you teach in an inner city school with in inclusion (special ed, kids held back 1-2 even 3 years, 100% on federal free lunch program) those kids' test results are held to the same standard as the magnet schools that get to pick and choose who they allow in their classrooms. And the schools in the wealthy parts of town. And so on. Needless to say, she was a bit stressed and needed a cheerful happy mani to help her thru today's round. (there are three parts spread over a couple months) She found one she liked but it had been stamped so I tried my best to copy using a striper white and yellow. The base is Sinful Colors Cinderella over Kleancolor Pastel Teal.


  1. Ugh here in Texas we have the TAKS test which is the same thing. My school was given an unacceptable rating because of how our dropouts didn't take the test so their 0s factored in or something. It's so dumb. We got our rating back to acceptable though. Cute mani too!

  2. OMG i absolutely stark raving bonkers LOVE this xxxxxxxxxx

    1. funny, this took like 20 minutes :) thanks lovey

  3. very cheerful mani! :) i love love it; colors are beautiful! and good luck to her!

  4. I loved these too! I added them as well :) You rock!


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