Sunday, July 22, 2012

NOTD Bettina Green Apple with Utopia Hibiscus Accents

I had this in my basket for a long time before I pulled the trigger- and now that there aren't any more in the shop right now, AND it's on my nails, I am so very very glad I did. Utopia's Hibiscus is a special glitter topper with a splendid blend of red, orange, green yellow and holographic glitters combined to look just like a flower would when it's been torn apart. But sparkly. Really. I would even dare to say as beautiful and complicated as a polish by She Who Will Not Be Named. Orange, Coral, Pink, Red, yellow, Green, gold, silver Hexagons, bars, squares micro glitter.. is how the maker describes it. And I say, Well Done. Gorgeous polish, as all are the Utopias I own. Not nearly enough from what I have seen thus far.
Gelous and two coats of Wicked fast over.


  1. Really nice, and what a glitter payoff! I love glitters you don't have to dig for.