Saturday, December 27, 2014

Why hasn't the world ended?

Seriously, I'm wearing a RED for cryin' out loud! (hi sweet Crumpet, made ya smile!) I took a chance on the return of Ninja Polish (now Polish Ninja) and bought a holo grab bag. Naturally there'd be nothing that I would LOVE in it, but the Jade Magia was OK (pretty black holo with a gold shimmer) I have never tried a Dance Legend (Russian brand) so I decided to live large and applied two coats of Optical Illusion with accent nails of the glorious Glitter Daze holo/multichrome flakie Forbidden Fairy Dust. The holo is a beautiful strong linear and the flakies have the same rainbow shimmer. It's OK for a Saturday. :)

Monday, December 22, 2014

Happy Happy YELLOW Mani!

Love this combo- the creamy Mustard Barry M with an accent of Lynnderella She Changed Her Spots- holographic, matte, satin and metallic dots in assorted shades of leopard. Clear base with warm golden sparks and tan micro glitter. My happy place.... :)

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Throw Back Glitter Topper FUUUUUUUDGE!!! by Darling Diva

I can't find where this is available any longer, but I drag this out every Christmas season, it's a delightful mash of copper and gold glitters of all sizes along with some bright shards and squares as well as hexes of bright colors. A gorgeous mix that works over a couple Zoya neutrals from the second set. Love this combo.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Aptly Named Smitten Polish

Surely this isn't original, but I've been bitten by Smitten. From the brilliant  sky Out of the Blue, to the nearly perfect red Nose so Bright, to my new fave (that's right, take a back seat Lizard Belly) Between the Baubles, these are the best intro to a brand one could hope for. Easy application, great brush, but most of all, amazing colors. After almost five years and five thousand polishes or so, it takes a lot to wow me, but I've been WOW'd! These are going to get a ton of wear this holiday, might even need a couple back ups. Run, don't walk, to Buy here!

Poshe over- it dulled the red a bit, I just added another coat over the topcoat.
Nose so Bright top, aEngland Perceval bottom

Sunlight- see the red missing the holo- before another coat added

Ottlite and another layer of red over topcoat

and the holo is back!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Lazy girl's way to jazz up a tired mani...

Not really reviewing the Essie Sleek Stick Sneek-E I'm wearing. (although they are a thousand percent easier to apply than anything I've tried before, and only a couple nails aren't perfectly covered without trimming) Dollar Tree had a bunch of these recently so I picked up a dozen. Glad I did. I've been wearing the nearly fluorescent Sally Hansen Complete Salon  Firey Island for a couple days and I'm pooped from cooking and eating, so I slapped these thin flexible stickers on over the polish and filed off the excess. File and plastic tool for smoothing were included. Pretty happy with these, let's see if they make it thru a shower and doing my hair tomorrow (I run my hands thru it alot to style) (edit: I'm horrified at my cuticles- dry air and lots of cooking and sorry)

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Party on my Nails with Literary Lacquers!!!

Can't decide which beauty to use first? No problem! Use them all!! Easy two coaters (yellow is three here) for gorgeous, complex, sparkle holo rainbows inside and out. Max bling, easy cleanup. Love love love. Got more compliments on this mani out and about than I have in a long time! Poshe over, nothing dull these holos! (full disclosure- the yellow is more of a flakie finish)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Guess I'm on a Brown Kick- China Glaze Brownstone

This is clearly a favorite of mine- I've just purchased a SECOND backup- the only polish I own TWO backups of, now. Something about the deep brick creamy polish makes me feel so warm inside. The record cold snap here in Florida had me frosting it with "snow"- Ninjapolish Love Lace'n Lawsuits. I tried to show the pink and green shimmer in this lovely  in the macro. Poshe over all.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Luggage for Your Journey- Literary Lacquers!

 This was an Alzheimer's fundraising LE offered by Amy recently. She raised hundreds of dollars for the cause!  Most pics I've seen of this lovely are a bit more grayed or even reddish, but on me this holo with holo glitter was warm and caramelly. Easy two coats, but the glitters took two top coats to be smooth. Gorgeous twinkle under the strings of lights at the outdoor wedding and reception I attended last week. So this is the fifth or sixth LL I've worn and I haven't found one ordinary or meh yet, each one has been a delight to wear! Go, find, buy HERE!  you'll be so happy you did!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Two for the Price of One

yeah it's been a week, here's what I've been up to- a matchy matchy spotted mani with Cult Nails glorious black Nevermore over LVX creamy dreamy oh-so-faintly-griege Cashmere. Also, ILNP Fall Semesterm three coats of the beautiful blue shift/sparkle/holo. (sorry no sun pics, it really does have a good linear holo in the sunlight)

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Green Khaki Ombre

When my son just gives me "green" in answer to "what color should I wear?" this is what happens. Khaki greens, not to be confused with olives, I wasn't really surprised I had enough to do this manicure. I really have a  few others that are almost dupes as well. Poshe over.
Also a gratuitious cute baby pic, my granddaughter at 14 months.

Saturday, October 25, 2014

On a piCture pOlish Kick!

So my first Picture Polishes are all shades of blue green. Don't know how that happened, unless the blogger selling them decided they didn't like mint, or these are backups, whatever, I got them for a great price! I used the gorgeous Jade, a creamy pale turquoise with shimmer as the base and added dots of the darker Marine first, then Tiffany offset a bit to make scales, or bubbles. HK Girl topcoat. Loving this simple look. Jade took three coats for opacity. Probably some of the best brushes I've ever used, I needed almost no cleanup.
And because I'm not posting as often, here's a bonus pic of my son's girlfriends nails I did purple Packer penguins on.