Sunday, January 6, 2013

30 Days of Untrieds

Ok I got hooked by a new event on facebook- all manicures for the next 30 days with untried polish ONLY- this ought to be easy- I've been meaning to try this Lush Lacquer over gray but never could get past all the pretty greens and oranges of the last couple holidays. The base is China Glaze Elephant Walk from this summer's On Safari collection- it's a special gray in that it's ever so slightly green leaning and has a subtle shimmer- not picked up my my *&@$#%@^ phone camera. Ahem. LL Midnight Affair is a great clear based blend of assorted matte black, white and shiny red glitters- very proper and I think office friendly. Three coats of the ChG, two thin coats of glitter- HKGirl topcoat, Gelous over glitter only. I might actually wear this a few days!

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