Thursday, February 7, 2013

30 Days of Untrieds- Held Over!

The weather is turning murkier for a couple days, along with my manicure- here is the khaki green/gray Kiko 348 with a couple nails of Dollish Polish  Zombie Flesh- a pea soup green base with tiny green, gold and black glitters.
The Kiko was a tad thick, so two coats made it opaque nicely. The Dollish is one thin coat- a tad bumpy, nothing two layers of Dazzle Dry couldn't handle.


  1. Ah! This is gorgeous! Great light too! :)

  2. gorgeous - those polishes were MADE for each other !!!

  3. this is the best ive ever seen zombie flesh look! if i'd had that base color back then i wouldnt have gotten rid of it!