Sunday, May 26, 2013

Back to a fave- grassy green!

I was unexpectedly RAOK'd by the darling Crumpet go-like-love with some Kiko polishes. Kiko is an Italian line currently available in Italy, France, Germany, Portugal, Spain and United Kingdom. Apparently the Italians are better at making nail polish than naming them; this silvery grass green has the bland name 390. The brush is a bit large and moppish, someone with small nails would have trouble maneuvering, but with my nails it was a very fast application. I did three thin coats whereas two thicker would have sufficed. No streaks even though it's got a slight metallic base. I added a few accent nails of Hits Polish (D&R Apothecary) Pink Lemonlime-Ade, a mix of matte pinks, greens, yellows and white translucent with a very tiny bit of matte pink hearts and yellow glitter flowers. Took 20 minutes to fish the larger glitters out, but that may be due to only having a mini bottle.
Gelous over the glitters and Dazzle Dry overall.

MAJOR apologies for the ratty cuticles, let me distract you with the reason I haven't been able to get in time for a full mani- oooh looook a cute baby!

My grandson- visiting from California 

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