Monday, June 10, 2013

Inspired by a Fabric

I know it's not summery, but the shirt I had picked out to wear has a neat leopard/ikatish pattern in earthy colors, and I wanted office-friendly as well, so I matched the taupe to China Glaze Ingrid, a not-quite-mushroom because it is a little warmer than most, leaning brown with a tiny gold shimmer. It was introduced by ChG in the Vintage Vixen collection Fall 2010. Two coats covered pretty well, I could have used a third, then I added a couple decorated nails with ChG Midtown Magic (a top-10 for me) and ChG Brownstone, both from the 2011 Metro collection. Dazzle Dry topcoat.
This picture is a tad light, the colors are closer to the other pics.

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