Friday, May 23, 2014

Hit Polish Nail Lacquer is back!!

I'd been a big fan going all the way back to when this line was called D & R Apothecary and she sold soaps and lip glosses as well as brilliant glitter nail polishes. I mainly bought huge batches of her minis and still have dozens. But then she was gone. But now she's back! The first offerings are a few glitters, mainly crelly and base polish type glitters as well as a bunch of holographic polishes. None of the holos sang to me yet, so I ordered a couple glitters, the first two shown here, a jelly teal/shimmer with bronze, orange, holo,  copper and gold glitters called Age of Aquarius and my personal new love, Black Pearl, a charcoal shimmer with gold and holo glitters. Black Pearl is everything a Nerd Lacquer would be if Amanda was still in business. Two perfect coats, fairly smooth, great coverage. A of A took three and still had patchy spots. I would probably lay this over a bse next time. Neither needed any special application and both were smooth in one topcoat. I would use two or Gelous if you wanted a totally glassy finish.

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