Thursday, August 28, 2014

Finally, I see the light! More Like Fire Than Light- Literary Lacquers!

My darling friend Crumpet has been showcasing these polishes for a long time now, and the release of the Wrinkle in Time collection pushed me over the edge. I purchased most of these, but Amy was so generous to provide me with three extras for review! :::squeee inserted here:::::

Look look look what showed up in my mailbox!!
adorbs wittle burritoes (great tape choices btw)

My first to wear is, of course, the juicy deep jelly orange named More Like Fire Than Light. There are literary references for all these polishes, please go check out the etsy store for the descriptions here here here!

MLFTL applied like most jellies, a tad sheer on the first coat, but YOWZA! The second coat and we're practically full on opaque! Brilliant formula with amazing coverage. Applied like syrup, but I had NO CLEAN UP!! That's almost unheard of for me. Poshe topcoat, no dulling of these rainbows, no sirree! SO excited to try the other beauties, as soon as I can bring myself to remove this one!

Thanks Amy, and Debbie? You were right! :)


  1. you sound surprised!! OF COURSE I was right hahahahaha. Amy makes amazing polishes - you have so much happiness ahead of you xx

  2. I have a mini of this and it is stunning, I must get a full size at some point! It looks fab on you!!