Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Aptly Named Smitten Polish

Surely this isn't original, but I've been bitten by Smitten. From the brilliant  sky Out of the Blue, to the nearly perfect red Nose so Bright, to my new fave (that's right, take a back seat Lizard Belly) Between the Baubles, these are the best intro to a brand one could hope for. Easy application, great brush, but most of all, amazing colors. After almost five years and five thousand polishes or so, it takes a lot to wow me, but I've been WOW'd! These are going to get a ton of wear this holiday, might even need a couple back ups. Run, don't walk, to Buy here!

Poshe over- it dulled the red a bit, I just added another coat over the topcoat.
Nose so Bright top, aEngland Perceval bottom

Sunlight- see the red missing the holo- before another coat added

Ottlite and another layer of red over topcoat

and the holo is back!