Sunday, January 4, 2015

Sharing a FAIL to start the New Year!

So, remember when I swore that the best topcoat was the one made for the polish? Hands down, all the time? the interest of full disclosure, I must moderate that to say "in the absence of nail art". Late last night I spent quite a while painting and dotting to make a fashion statement and BAM! The matching topcoat crapped all over my dots. Thanks Butter London Hardware PDQ, thanks alot. I'll give you another try (maybe!) when I'm not in the mood for artwork. Booooo.

Hard at work

oh Snap!


  1. Orly won't chip does this too. :(

  2. I hate any top coat which does this. I used acrylic paint for dots for the first time ever today, those dots were amazing and didn't smudge at all with a smudgy top coat!


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