Thursday, April 30, 2015

Bettina Ethereal Collection

Wow, where to begin? I'd been wanting to check these out, but the memory of the process of acquiring them was a bit daunting, and it wasn't until the fabulous Fingers of Fingers Polish Mania (go check her out here) started showing swatches of them that I decided I needed them. She contacted Janet at the email address and put in a good word for me. See, the only way I know to buy Bettina polish, apart from driving 3 hours to Orlando or 7 to Miami, is to send an email off to a distributor telling what you want then you wait for an invoice. I've done this multiple times over the years and it usually takes three emails to get a reply. I guess they're really busy. (I suspect it is a salon that sells Bettinas, or the distributor taking orders from US retail locations so I'm really small potatoes) But lo and behold, I got a quick reply and after a short delay as they were out of a couple of the colors, I now have the whole 9 piece Ethereal collection!

against white they seem dark

More true-to-color, no topcoat here
My first thought swatching these was "these remind me of one of my all time favorite collections China Glaze On Safari!" not because of the colors, but the smokiness, unusual colors and amazing application. See, these aren't pastels, not in the normal way. There's no chalky white base, no streakiness, no opaque, "dead" or "solid" color, these are  solid in two coats, yet still glowing with an inner light. I could not be more pleased, especially as they are less than $4 each with shipping. Winner winner, Bettina, bravo!

To purchase, if you don't live near a retail location, check out what you want here then email your request to  I will be following their new releases closely, this is becoming one of my very favorite brands!

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