Sunday, October 9, 2011

I Couldn't Wait for the Sun! Hits No Olimpo Demeter

Perfect brush, application, (no bare patches even after 1 coat, I did two) I used Zoya ridge filler then Nfu Oh Aqua Fix base then two coats of this orange holo yummiliciousperfectionness. Shown with no topcoat, although I will be putting one on, it's not supposed to hurt the holo.
 with flash
 incandescent light
Halogen light

I was so excited I took these before cleanup- I hope to see the sun one day soon here in Florida- nor'easter still around, but I couldn't wait!


  1. uhhh so pretty!!! love it! hugs

  2. This is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. That's prettier than I thought it was going to be. I wish I could find stuff like that.

  4. thanks all you can find this and others at