Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Revlon Edgy Elegance Skittles!

I got the whole collection at Walgreens recently and after wearing dark green with glitter, I was ready for a lighter mani for a few days. We have a massive, perhaps record-breaking cold front coming through here and so I decided these frosty polishes might bring the chill in and a return to boots and scarves weather! I used the five I like the best, Downtown (teal blue), Princess (cornflower blue), Innocent (peachy-pink), Catty (pale gold) and Punk (green) in a skittles mani. Application (over Orly Bonder) was weird- the polish doesn't "flow" like most polishes do, it was kind of like pushing whipped cream around my nails- EXCELLENT opaque coverage practically in one coat, I used two because I want to wear this a few days. Orly Sealon over the top left it still a little gritty- I may use a second coat. I will remember Gelous next time. I did one of my nails in Fierce (the bright purple) first then removed it because it was too dark to go with the other colors- it came off easily with NON-acetone remover! (WARNING- silver may remain a bit- I have very shiny cuticles after cleanup) The Innocent (peachy-pink) is the only one that isn't really as foilly as the others. They all look like pastel/metallic cement to me- grainy and "Edgy" ha! I may have to let them sink in a bit- hopefully it'll grow on me- not too sure I like the colors yet.

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