Thursday, November 10, 2011

Ah Butter London British Racing Green!

On Weekends We Wear Green, remember? So I wanted to get a head start on the weekend because I have a special mani planned for the facebook PAA Monday challenge, Plaid. This is two thin coats of the gloriously buttery aptly named butter london (yes lower caps) British Racing Green. My dad had an MG Midget this color when I was a teen. I wore this the first time several months ago when they had a BOGO sale. As soon as I had it on my nails I knew I couldn't put anything over it just yet. But this is the SECOND time, so it got a single layer of CND Jade Sparkles. The blurry pic shows the gold and green shimmery particles pretty well. BRG has it's own slight shimmer but it gets a  little lost in the glory of the CND effect. I applied over a coat of Zoya ridge filler and another of Zoya Anchor base. Single coat or Orly Sealon over top (slow drying tc but I didn't want it to shrink)
 Alone with no CND effect. GORGEOUS, right?

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