Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My 100th Post (well, give or take)

I decided to go with the one polish that started it all a few months back OPI My Private Jet. I love brown and I love rainbows ( I did not have a clue that nail polish could be holographic back then) and I don't even remember where I saw it, but I ran to ebay and purchased a bottle. Come to find out there are are least 3 different MPJs and the true holo ones are rare and hard to find. (see Tracefacephiles review here: But I loved my dud bottle anyway. I figured I would honor my 100th post with the first real polish I bought.  I recently pulled it out and added a tiny bit of Spectraflair to it to try to make it into what it should have been, but it wasn't enough to translate from the bottle to the nail, so the later pics are two coats over Orly bonder then two coats Revlon Quick Dry topcoat (MPJ is a bit scratchy) followed by a coat of my homemade holo topcoat.  I'm going to add a scootch more SF to this and see what I get one day soon!.

see the rainbow in the bottle?

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  1. Great idea to use spectraflair. It looks really good!