Friday, February 3, 2012

Not exactly a winter design

So..... I was looking over some untrieds and attempting to picture various configurations and permutations of colors, textures and designs and happened to spot (in my nearly 100% China Glaze drawer) Lemon Fizz. I love yellow almost as much as orange and green, but the pale chalkiness of it just kept me turning away time and time again, so, after screwing up my courage (and googling a bunch of swatches for strength) I laid down three coats over Seche Rebuild and Orly Bonder. I was careful after the second coat, to let it dry pretty well before the third, and  still had a bit of the cuticle drag we all know and come to expect from pastels. Overall though, the texture and leveling was, say, 8/10. After some spots with CG Tree Hugger, Caribbean Blue and Custom Kicks, I was pretty happy with the result. Out the Door topcoat AND Seche Vite over that to level the dots. Inside and outside shots.


  1. Love this! the bright colours make me feel happy on this horrid cold day :)

  2. I love this! i think is really pretty! :) you did great!

    1. thanks, I think you're my #1 fan! {{{{hug}}}

  3. Love it - and like that it matches your blog background :)