Monday, February 27, 2012

PCFC February 29- Magical!

So, I wasn't feeling the whole Monday water marble thing in PaA, nor the "fav lilac or peach" for PCFC so I jumped to Wednesday-Unicorn Magic- make your mani magical! I just recently swapped  a lovely German lady for three Essence duos- Colours3 and decided the deep green "Walk in the Park" with the topper "Stopping for Ice Cream" was pretty magical- nice opacity- two coats with very very little drag, the topper is a bit chunky, miniscule pastel glitters with small shimmering white flakes-but layered over the already shimmering base it seemed kinda magical. But wait! There's more! Being the fortunate owner of the tiny bit of heaven known as MaxFactor Fantasy Fire, I put two coats of that over a couple accent nails and poof! Unicorn magic! Seche Vite over but the shrinkage is abominable.


  1. I love the gorgeousness of Fantasy Fire!! Very magical indeed! Lovely mani =)

  2. Aww theres my tiny bottle, i think it is waving at me from accross the pond. This mani is great and FF looks really nice with green!