Friday, April 20, 2012

Lacquistry hits it out of the ballpark- again- Oh Yes I Did!

I bought this beauty a few months ago and was planning on waiting until later toward the fall to bring it out- but something in the sparkle every time I opened my Helmer beckoned to me. I  had seen a few swatches, nothing to write home about, and now I know why- a camera cannot capture the sheer magnificence of this coppery-aqua-holo glitter polish! It has a sheer copper base that snuggles the tiny brown, fine holo blue, brown and light blue holo hex glitters. Brilliant!  I layered it over the amazing nails inc. earlham st.- a deep coppery shimmer with faint green and pink micro glitters. One coat of Oh Yes I Did! One coat of Gelous and a thick coat of Seche Vite. I am so glad the sun won't be out this weekend. I have places to go and the rainbow of sparkles is quite distracting.

Inside under fluorescent lighting

near a window

diffused to show glitter


  1. oooo very pretty! i would love to see this in person!

    1. here are MUCH better pics

  2. I went to see more pictures, very beautiful! :)**

  3. ohh wow! so very beautiful!