Thursday, April 5, 2012

This was SO much better in my head!

I wanted to do something pastel and Eastery using glitter- and most of the glitters I have are dark- brown, green, bronze, so I came up with the bright idea of China Glaze Snow Globe over a pale yellow. Now which one to pick? I received Nubar Mellow Yellow in a bundled blog sale and it hadn't gotten much love- kinda streaky and sheer didn't make it my first choice. I figured with glitter over it I might get some use from it. Unfortunately the glitter seemed to "wrinkle" the yellow or something? as well as "denting" it. Lots of Seche Vite and this may last a day. Live and learn!
The first pic is  the truest- the yellow is really a soft pale lemony color. Pearly.


  1. I hate Snow Globe. It's just not my thing. Everytime I wear it, I despise it!

  2. Yeah I had higher expectations for Snow Globe too. Still I like this! It's very colorful!