Saturday, September 8, 2012

Crazy Holo Ozotoc Mishmash 534

Quick run to  here and get this before its gone forever! And pick up any other 500 Ozotics as well, they have been discontinued. I had been lemming 531 for a long time and finally got it along with 532 for my daughter. After seeing 532 on her nails I raced back to the website and bought another 532 for me, and 533 and 534. These mishmash polishes are amazing- both multichromatic and holographic. 534 has primarily a purple (yes, Crumpet) and navy character, but subtle changes bring out lavender and rose. And a strong linear holo. I've painted two thin coats over Cult nevermore- my favorite one coat black.
All pictures taken under a florescent light. Poshe topcoat (which doesn't faze the holo)


  1. Oh my!! Theyre being discontinued!?! That sucks big time :( I have 534. Love it over Sinful Colors Amethyst. I have pics, Ill have to share them sometime! :)

  2. I let out a tiny gasp when I saw this! So so nice...