Monday, September 17, 2012

Lacquistry is BACK!!!!

SO SO happy Jenna is back up and running! After taking QUITE a while off from her etsy shop to concentrate on customs, then replacing HUNDREDS of bottles of polish unasked, at her own expense because she heard a few glitters may have been bleeding (what character!!) she's back in spades with a new fall collection, a Halloween coming up, a small Thanksgiving, etc etc. so many beautiful glitters on the way! I snagged the full set of six fall colors and have two here today. I love to layer over opaque creams, so I started with two coats each of the dreamy creamy FingerPaints Catwalk Cream, a perfect dupe for the 60's appliances color Harvest Gold. And if you know what that is, you're over 50. The brown I chose is Catrice's Bruno Brownani (that name,really???) a dense deep chocolate cream. Two thin layers of the goldendelicious Laquistry Corn Maize and the red/gold/brown glitterparty that is Cornucopia, a heavy layer of Gelous and Seche Vite and I am ready for fall!
Here are Jenna's descriptions:

Corn Maize:  Corn Maize is poppin’ with varying shades of yellow, gold, and even a bit of white “kernels” in a clear base sprinkled with crystalline yellow glitter. Dappled throughout are pieces of golden corn silk- (bar glitter).

Cornucopia: Cornucopia is a medley of 25 different micas and glitters ranging from deep browns, oranges and gold to rich reds, golden yellows, and copper in a slightly brown tinged base. Cornucopia’s largest glitter is mini-hex.

Just try to catch her next opening, HERE but watch out, I may run you over!


  1. Beautiful!! It really does look like corn maize!! The undies you chose are perfect!!

  2. Pretty! I love the base on this too but that shade always looks garish on me :( You pull it off stunningly!

  3. I love her polish so much! Awesome.