Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Feenix Polish Cammie

I love green. From pale spring greens to the murkiest olives they are all beautiful to me. My favorite green of all is khaki green. Not olive, khaki- the gray side that most people associate with slime, muck, baby poo, all kids of horrible things. Perhaps it's because my eyes are this color! I wanted to feature this gorgeous glitter over something appropriate, so after seeing a discussion of "poo" colors I grabbed my untried OPI Uh-oh Roll Down The Window, in the exact grayed-deep olive khaki I love. It did take three coats on the non-glitter nails for opacity, but the polish applied easily with the big brush and I topped the plain nails with Out the Door. One thick coat of Cammie over a couple accent nails and :::sigh::: love it. Here is what is in Cammie-

 It has a base of shimmering khaki. To that, we've added 14 different glitters in shades of green, gold, brown and gray.

Hopefully more along these lines are coming- here is the site- but leave me a bottle, I need a back up thanks


  1. I like it on you! It would look like crud on me, though.

  2. oh i would totally wear this green! :)