Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Frog's Breath-

Sorry for the lack of pics- I could NOT get a decent shot of this-
I was planning on layering Crow's Toes Frog's Breath from the 2012 halloween collection over a dark green Revlon when OPI Jade is the New Black caught my eye- this was my first ever OPI and I used it for at least half a dozen manis last year- I forgot the first coat applies streaky and sheer and almost gave up on it, but went back with a second and, except for my pinkies, two coats did the trick- I think it's the brush: my pinkies are slim so applying in a three stroke (or even two) pulls the polish and leaves gaps- so this is two coats with three on pinkies-

Then the MARVELOUS and ONLY Crow's Toes I own, the gold/green/holo Frog's Breath- the "dripping" was not originally planned, one finger got away from me so I went back and dripped them all! Frog's Breath was a very easy application, almost no placing of the glitter. Gelous and SV overall.
Just found out October is Depression Awareness Month- green manis!


  1. This is so gorgeous!! I missed this one, I hope she restocks soon because I need it!


  2. My friend loves all things foresty and i know for a fact she would love this like mad, think i'll have to keep it mind for a xmas prezzie. Must admit i really love this too x


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