Saturday, March 30, 2013

Yeah Sonoma Science Experiment!

You know how, when you want to paint your nails, you think, "Glitterbomb!!" then, even if you're using glue base or foil removal, the thought of all that thick topcoat, gelous etc. takes the glow off your excitement? Fear not! This is one sparkly glitterbomb that took ONE that's right, ONE coat of Poshe to get smooth!!  I have a dozen or more of the gorgeous Sonoma glitters and while most are toppers, this one is a full polish. It starts with a lime green jelly base and adds tiny lime and teal hexes, then two sizes of holo hexes, medium matte white glitter and ROUND teal medium glitters. The precise shade of green in the base keeps this from looking like soup- I actually mat wear it for Easter since it's such a grassy pretty green. I used two coats and some dabbing, I might have done a full third coat.

Don't you love this label??

Arghh pre cleanup