Monday, March 25, 2013

2 birds with 1 stone, err mani

MSMD and Tri Color Challenge! Here is the perfection called Manicurity Emma
I used Orly Green Apple, Orly Orange Punch and China Glaze Spontaneous. I'm not nearly the Master of Dots as is Emma, and I'm not sure this is office friendly, but it was fun! Oh also, with this orange being a jelly, the color mutated a bit over the other colors. Oh, please ignore that my hands are more than 30 years older than hers :)


  1. I feel so honored!! And this looks GREAT on you :D Very cool. Awesome job.

  2. I love it Elizabeth!! And your big red ring, too!!!

    1. thanks, it's carnelian, it was my grandmother's and it's one of the two birthstones for August, my birth month!

  3. these are very cool, i love dot manis :)


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