Friday, April 12, 2013

Guest Post from the adorable Paula!!

So, you know that moment when your nails just scream, “Neon’s! Give me neon’s!”?  Well, that’s what mine did today. Not only did neon’s take the top bullet on my to-do list, animal print decided to come along for the ride. 

A friend of mine is having a “Wild Wig, Animal Print” party for her 30th Birthday so, Shana, this is in your honor. I’m going to be dressed to the T with my neon animal print top, skinny jeans, and curly blonde wig. (Pictures to follow)

Thanks mom, for getting all the prints on my nails for the party tomorrow. My nails would be plain or naked without your assistance and I would never want to bring shame to your name for lack of painted nails. As always, you rock, I love you, and thank you again for making my nails look GREAT! Love, Paula

All nails in Color Club ElectroPop, detail Model's Own Nail Art Pen 

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