Friday, April 26, 2013

MSMD with Color Club Halo Hues 2013

Paulina did a beautiful mani I wanted to try. Here's what inspired me: Triangles  I painted two coats of the CC holos on a plastic bag and set them aside to dry. I only waited an hour because holos dry quickly. The hardest part was picking the polish off the plastic and cutting tiny triangles. Mine weren't small enough so I had to over lap. I only needed one coat of the base, then a layer of topcoat (Deborah Lippmann Hard Rock) then quickly placed a few pieces on each nail- doing them one at a time. I figured a slow dry topcoat was the trick to have time to set the pieces.. One layer of topcoat over everything to smooth, although I will try Seche Vite next time as these are still a little bumpy- I expect the SV will melt the pieces a bit, might be another cool effect!
Sorry for oily fingers and bad cleanup- it was midnight before I finished.