Thursday, April 23, 2015

Mentality Crystalchromes- only the beginning

There's a new flakie in town, and only Mentality Polish has them! Crystalchromes are a new glass/ceramic hybrid flake that changes color, is opaque on its own, yet translucent enough that it glows nearly 3-D. They apply easily, and clean up is a breeze. I grabbed a few pieces with my tweezers and they "crunch" almost like when you break into a sand dollar. So, not polyester, nor metallic, nor polish based like the new multichrome flakies everyone has these days, these are pigment/mineral in appearance. There are four colors, and a fifth with the four combined. Here is that mashup, called Panorama, over a pale gray cream. One heavy coat of  Poshe over makes it pretty smooth. You can find these lovelies here.

Panorama with flash

Panorama without flash- under room lighting in office

One and two coats of each

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  1. I do love flakies and these look great. I'm loving it :-D


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