Saturday, May 26, 2012

China Glaze Martini Pedicure Collection

Come to me, my Precioussssssssssssesss....oh yes, the long lemmed (is that a word) shimmering, micro-glassed flecked beauties China Glaze birthed in 2005. Found these on ebay, although a friend was able to walk into a nail supply in her area of Cali and buy them a bit cheaper than I did. Ah well. The swatchsicle closeup is the best in terms of color correctness, and these each took 3 or 4 coats to near-opaqueness, but who cares? Enjoy!
switched the two first swatches from left

Most acccurate as to color


  1. i see these sets on the beauty stores near my area and i always just put them back, now im wondering if i should go get one! .lol they look better swatched than they do on the bottles.

    1. Maria, check ebay prices- also, if you see any other old China Glaze sets, would you please let me know?? I would appreciate it!! thanks

    2. Gaahhhhh I've been hunting these as a full set for six months! Maria, please tell me where you found these!