Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Nail of the day- Nostalgic Envy

A dear friend  managed to snag me this in the latest insane asylum opening also known as an etsy restock from the lovely Erin at Nostalgic Lacquer. This is my first, hopefully not my last one of her beautiful creations. I used one thick and a couple times two thin coats of Envy over two coats of Bettina Green Apple, a pretty, creamy, bright, well, apple green solid cream. Application of glitter topcoats is usually a challenge and this was no different than what I have come to expect. The glitter is a bit sparse, but I like that I can control the amount on the nail. My bottle had an odd consistency (see all the  tiny bubbles?) and Erin is graciously working with me to figure out what happened- there may have been some evaporation that changed the base. It didn't stop me from wearing this though with Gelous and Seche Vite over- the bar glitter in this is wonderfully tame and I had no issues with getting it smooth.

Highly recommended, and if I have my way, she'll take preorders so I can try another one of her polishes!


  1. So pretty, i need to grab envy and pride from this collection

  2. Lovely!! I really like the stark contrast of the black bar glitter against your lime base - delicious

  3. thanks girls, and I have a special bottle- there's a single small red glitter in the bottle :)


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