Thursday, May 31, 2012

KBShimmer Proud Peacock PCF Summer Challenge

The challenge for 6/1 was "Swimming Pool". Now, I don't know about you, but our summer swimming pool was always a 4 by 18 foot above ground pool my dad would assemble at the beginning of each summer. each pool usually only lasted two summers, so we kids (5 until Momma had two more after a 7 year gap) would stand around trying to "help" Dad pull the parts out of the huge box and assemble it. After alot of cigarettes, a few beers and maybe a shot of tequila, the shiny blue (or yellow or silver) pool stood proudly in our backyard, with the hose draped over the side. it always took the whole night to fill, and the first kid up would wake all the others to go oooh and ahhh at all the water, now normally spilling over the sides.

Dad would spend a few more hours getting the pump set up and start the magical process called "testing". This was where he would rinse out the rack of tubes then add this many drops and that many drops of all different liquids to the tubes. After a good shake and maybe a countdown, he would compare the colors to the chart included. Then a ph strip, compare again. We would all groan in unison when he declared  had to "balance" the pool and there would be no swimming until the following day.

But boy, that following day! Leaping off each others shoulders, whirlpools, Marco Polo, underwater "tea parties" we did it all. And not only did we enjoy that pool with the 7 of us, we had every last blessed neighborhood kid there are well. Which is why I chose KBShimmer's Proud Peacock to  represent my swimming pool. After a summer of dozens of kids in that small bucket of water, it kinda resembled this murky gray/turquoise glitter bomb. The description from the etsy site is exactly right: A teal green base is accented by tons of glitter. We started with a large royal blue hex, and added both a black and black opal hex. We then went micro with purple and white diamond glitters. Fuschia, teal, and navy small glitters accent several holographic glitters, including a silver bar, teal, and two sizes of silver.

This baby is glitter hungry- shown with two coats over base, then Gelous and Poshe- really needs a third layer of TC.

 I've seen pics online showing a much brighter greener base, this is really murky grayish teal.

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  1. I LOVE that you told a story, and so well! I can picture it all in my head. Love this post xx

  2. Such a pretty polish. Loved the story. I remember when I was younger, a girl down the street had one of those above ground pool in a box and the we all wanted to go to her house in the summer. Totally brought back memories.