Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Happy Birthday Debbie Crumpet!!

I've been saving these polishes for quite a while- in honor of my bestest-never-met-but-we-are-kindred-spirits friend, the incomparable Crumpet from the UK. She loves purple and squares so I decided to do a {{gag}} purple mani to show her how much I love her. AND I will wear it all day WITH a purple shirt. Now THAT'S love! The base is two coats of the very very purple aEngland Avalon- Debbie reviews it herself here and I'm relieved to see her pics are as blue as mine- there isn't blue in this polish, in fact, it's a pinky purple. Not that cameras care a whit. Two coats that flowed on- first was a bit sketch, second covered, COULD have done three for complete coverage. Accent nails got the now discontinued KB Shimmer The Square- a conglomeration of white, peach, purple, blue and teal squares in a purple jelly base. Cult Nails Wicked fast to top.
Happy Happy Birthday doll!!

Pre cleanup and TC but shows color more true

needed three coast, I think