Thursday, August 2, 2012

NOTD Saved

I wanted to like this. really really wanted to like this. Pretty bottle, pretty polish, GREAT application even laying flat- no Gelous needed, just a layer of Poshe. Can't do it. All I think of when I look at my nails is toothpaste with whitening crystals. Whimsicals Kitty Glitter is gorgeous, really! On someone else. PM me for a swap. Now. Please.
I did manage to redeem it (a day's reprieve) with a layer of Hits Hefesto holo topcoat. Better, not great. ::::sigh::::


  1. I hear you. I have a few Whimsicals, and other than Seuss, I'm not blown away.

  2. Ohhhh this is making me drool. Whimsicals aren't available for international shipping (as far as I know), I so wish they were. I'd love the Seuss one.

  3. i think this is gorgeous, too bad it reminded you of toothpaste. Hugs*

    1. I think it's my coloring- fishbelly white- I need lively colors- teals, oranges, greens, to look good on me!

  4. This is so pretty!! :D (I am a new follower!)

  5. I really love my bottle of this!


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