Sunday, August 19, 2012

Needed a Pick-Me-Up

One of my facebook groups was having a deep discussion about holographic polishes, and I hadn't worn one in a while, so I grabbed my trusty Nubar Reclaim (note to self: get a back up) and did two thin coats over Seche Retain and dabbed a little Enchanted Greetings Earthlings (a salad bar of holo bars, aqua, gold, black and pink glitters in a greenish base) over a couple nails.
Nubar Reclaim is from their 2009 Going Greener collection that is still available from all the usual channels including ebay and amazon. Scrangie did a gorgeous review here that convinced me early on in my polish obsession that I needed the whole thing, so I managed a decent deal for the set. I love them all, but especially as this was my FIRST holo polish, it holds a special place in my heart. AND it's green. win/win. Effortless application, easy clean up, coat of Poshe to cover. (did NOT need Gelous over the glitter!)


  1. This is gorgeous!! One of my favorite holos of all time. Great choice!!

  2. Oh, damn. Another great polish for the wishlist!