Thursday, November 8, 2012

Mani plus Recycled

Thanks to the precious Bee at BeePolished, I was able to snag the Zoya Gilty trio with the 18K gold flake- every manufacturer and their sister is making these this year- I wanted to pick a worthy undie, not the black and white it came with, so I decided on China Glaze Glittering Garland, a deep emerald green with a gold/green glassfleck. And it was glorious. I had to daub the gold flake a bit, and was worried about it being chunky, but it lay down nicely and was nearly smooth with one layer of HKGirl alone.

THEN I got some new polishes in the mail from Darling Diva and just HAD to try Fa ra ra ra ra ra over the green- like so:

What makes this unique isn't the red/green/silver/holo mix, although large red matte is interesting and most of the larger glitters are square, it's the silvery shimmer base- this should be opaque in three easy coats but just made me happy with one very thin coat over GG. And as you can see the micro shimmer even flashes blue!!


  1. oh gorgeous! :) Fa ra ra ra ra ra very pretty

  2. Such a pretty combo! I'm digging the Zoya over green!