Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Elizabeth's Bad Curtains

Why, yes, that IS my name on a bottle of Lacquistry glitter nail polish! Thanks for asking! This story begins early this year when the brilliant Jenna of Lacquistry (go, like, here) randomly asked her facebook followers if anyone had ever wanted a polish named for them, like some brands that use girl's names?(but never mine) and she would consider making some polishes with names. I pounced and clawed and scratched and got my name second on her list. Then she started making customs with the intent to design the name polishes in summer, THEN SOME glitters in a few of her previously sold polishes apparently melted/bled and she took it upon herself to replace EVERY SINGLE BOTTLE of polish that had those glitters in them, bleeding or not. Hundreds of polishes. THEN she had to get a fall and Halloween collection out, THEN she started on the names. Whew! So here may I present, all credit to the wonderful, generous and amazing lacquiteer Jenna, MY polish based on the 70's- Elizabeth's Bad Curtains. I layered two thin coats over a single coat of Nubar Tiger's Eye, a reddish-copper duochrome. I was aiming for the glitter alone, but the base is only slightly tinted and I didn't want to use three or more coats. I added Gelous and HK Girl over.

Here is Jenna's description:

Oh the colors of the 70's! And the decor- oy vey! My Uncle used to have these curtains in his house that were this thick scratchy brown material with orange and yellow threads woven throughout. They were hideously Bad Curtains!
Elizabeth's Bad Curtains is named after Elizabeth Stern who was one of the winners of the Facebook "namegame" contest back in the beginning of the year.
Elizabeth's Bad Curtains is a darkened cool brown jelly with fine brown with brown holo, orange, and matte yellow mini hex. If you are a fan of polyester this polish is for you!