Monday, December 31, 2012

Apparently I like to buy blue glitter toppers

Why do I have so many? It's not as though I even wear them all that often-This isn't even all I have, just trying a few untrieds before I took off GB Banana Hammock-

from left- top-Glimmer by Erica- Ethereal, Dollish We're Simply Meant to Be, Hits Blue Christmas, Sonoma GO to Napa for Auto Parts

second pic- Northern Star Kaleidoscopic, Hits Blue Christmas (again ), 
Lacquistry one off from grab bag-  I (heart) Homikoho-latka, Utopia Blue Lagoon.

I probably have 10 more of these- must get a nail wheel and do a better swatching job/comparison.

Happy New Year to all- my NYE mani coming soon!!

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  1. wow those are all pretty but my favorite has to be Sonoma GO to Napa for Auto Parts

    Happy New Year!!! :)


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