Saturday, December 8, 2012

Darling Diva FUUUUUUUDGE!!!

I can't JUST wear a nude polish, you should all know that by now- and I'm not feeling orange glitters (too close to H'Ween and Thanksgiving) so I went with a more holiday-ish topper for my Sally Hansen Salon Choco-Latte three coat base- Darling Diva's 2012 Holiday collection FUUUUUUUDGE!! This is one coat with a bit of daubing followed by Enkelini Flakie Friend then HKGirl. Carrie's description is:
Brown shimmery based polish with multiple copper, brown, gold glitters along with some multi colored hexes and shreds.

FUUUUUUU (yeah 7 "U's") DGE! is available in her shop  here. What makes this special to me is first the ease of application, then the micro bronzey shimmer base, then the random colored glitters/shards, some matte. Very unique, very pretty!


  1. I like it!

    And I love you're subtitle...Welcome to my midlife crisis. I am just about to turn 32 I have recently become obcessed with polish. Although I say I buy them for my 4 yr old daughter. :-)


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