Thursday, December 20, 2012

Travelin' Nails- Retro Leopard!

Going to be seeing some family over the holidays and you just know they're going to expect something over the top from me- Leopard is easy, albeit a bit time consuming, but I wanted to stay away from the glitter I would normally use- I'm going majorly bling on Christmas and didn't want to worry about removing a manicure while out of town, so I picked three dense, creamy 70's colors- Kiko doesn't have the manners to name these polishes, they're just numbered 369 and 393, the Finger Paints is Cordur-Orange. I think they look straight out of a kitchen from the late 60-s early 70-s- Harvest Gold, Avocado and Burnt Umber, am I right?  All three were easy to work with and gave great coverage. HK Girl over.

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