Tuesday, July 9, 2013

KB Shimmer Misfit- Debbie Does Denim

This is quite the blurpley murky glitter hodgepodge that should really be on the fingers of you-know-who.  I think the blue magenta and purple shiny glitters are very necessary in this mix, although current trends are towards more matte (and round) glitters. Matte wouldn't be able to show through this evening colored soup as well as the shinies. Two easy coats (if I had been a bit more awake there would not be any thin spots) and several layers of topcoat and voila! No pushing or shoving of glitters, no dabbing or rearranging. I AM testing Essence peel off base coat (basically school glue) and will let you know tomorrow if it holds up and peels off as everyone seems to claim.  Not sure why this didn't get into her lineup- even a dedicated purple avoider like myself really likes this one!


  1. That's a pretty mix of magenta, blue, and purple glitters. I love the base color. I think I'd like it more if it were more of a jelly and see through rather than creme with glitter suspended. It is murky.