Monday, July 15, 2013

Metallics are coming (again) - Let's see one from the past!

Fall 2011 brought us a collaboration with Lippmann and Juicy Couture called The Precious Metals Collection Holiday Collection.  I've seen a few around, including still on I got both sets, as I vaguely remember these as being discounted/couponed down to about $15 for the three polishes. This  set includes Believe, Here Comes the Queen and Jewel in the Crown, the only one I really wanted, because it's opaque and a unique color to my collection. It's a dark pewter color with a smidge of bronze in it, and supposed-to-be fine sparse glitter that just doesn't show on the nail. Two coats over Zoya get even and I still have a bit of ridging- this polish wants smooooth nails! That's why I am HOPING the new shimmers/metallics coming out for fall 2013 have addressed this issue- there ARE polishes that are metallic without streaking, folks! But, I'm pretty happy with it, thinking of some art to put over it right now.

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