Saturday, July 20, 2013

Old Skool Holo- GOSH Holographic Hero

I picked the rainiest day in a while to do this as a full mani- sheesh. Silver holos are a finicky bunch. I've had NfuOhs before and even with the Aquabase, they're not the most durable polishes. I was able to get Gosh Holographic Hero before Royal Mail got stupid (thanks Kerrie!) and had only tried it for a few accents. It's obscenely holographic, not the hard super rainbow like the original, or a Layla, but still crazy good. I tried it over Dazzle Dry basecoat because it has the same appearance as aquabase, and it worked very well- two thin coats with no patchiness or dragging. I still think one of the best silver holo comparisons is here although ALOT more have come out since that review two years ago. I've been wearing this for a day with no chips, so I'm pretty happy- I have HKGirl topcoat over.

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