Thursday, August 15, 2013

Crows Toes Blasts it Out of the Park!

I am pretty much over chunky glitters. Don't get me wrong, they catch my eye, they sparkle and sing sweet songs to me, but I have *enough* for now. What really makes me hit that "buy" trigger is complicated, unusual finish polishes that are different from what I have. And Crow Toes  One Mad, Crazy Summer Collection has a few of these! I applied three coats each of Last Rat Standing, a pink-leaning grayed taupe with rainbow microglitter (really, see the macros- it's not then usual pink/green we are used to seeing, it's got blue, gold, teal and purple as well). Very thin formula, it *might* take four coats, but I applied very thin ones and was happy with three. I did a few accent nails with the aptly named Mimion, a blue based purple jelly loaded with color changing glitters as well as purple shimmer pigments and tiny purple glitter. Impossible for me to photograph, but it does change from deep purple thru teal to golden in the right light/angle. Lovely, different, available at Overall Beauty.  Poshe topcoat (both are 1 coat smooth)

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