Saturday, August 24, 2013

Home of the Untempered Schism

I'm starting to get excited about the return of Dr. Who, with the 50th anniversary special then the 12th Doctor. I managed to snag this Nerd Lacquer and a couple others in the last random appearance of Amanda in the polish world back in June. So glad I did- it's a gorgeous copper gold metallic base stuffed with gold glitters, tiny red speck glitters, two sizes of matte black, a faint sprinkle of tiny holo glitters and, the most unique of all,  small slightly sage GREEN holo glitters. Not wanting to waste a precious drop, with this beauty being a tad sheer, I layered it over one thin coat of Essence Golden Sands, an almost perfect match for the golden base in HOTUTS. I used a layer of Gelous then Poshe to make it smooth. The glitters lay quite flat and applied almost perfectly. Amazing-

First four pics taken under an Ott light, these last two in indirect light thru a window.

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