Sunday, August 18, 2013

Crows Toes One Trick Pony

In the spirit of "branching out" I got a few Not green, Not orange polishes from the darling Kim Snyder at Overall Beauty. (go, see, buy HERE!) Although I do love holos and duo chromes, with my all time faves being the now discontinued Ozotic Mish Mash polishes, I am less that happy always having to use black underneath to bring out all the lovely color changes. BUT indie makers have found the secret of multichromes without needing black undies, and this is a new offering from Crows Toes in the collection One mad crazy summer 2013! Two coats to opaque and deep purple holo that shifts to teal, green and silverish.
Dazzle Dry topcoat.


  1. great photos and YOU'RE WEARING PURPLE !!!!! yay

  2. what do you think of the dazzle dry topcoat? been thinking of purchasing but not sure if a .5 oz is worth $20

    1. love it in it's place- NOT for nail art- it dries too quickly to "float" properly over the art, and NOT for glitters, same reason, it doesn't settle well even over Gelous, in fact, it stops Gelous from drying making it a hottt mess. That being said, I can paint my nails, use Dazzle Dry and stick my hand in my pocket for my keys in 10 minutes- it dries so fast you have to apply it carefully before the brush sticks to your nail tips. I get it thru a friend with a pro license so it was half price. You can shop around I've been it for $15- worth having for nearly instant drying, imho.