Thursday, February 23, 2012

Love Yourself Manicure!

I was getting a bit stressed trying to do at least a FEW of the weekly/daily challenges, and was under a bit of condemnation when Claire from Purple Fairy Dust wrote about doing your nails just for yourself- (here) So I took a deep breath and forgot about the challenges- if I get there, I get there, otherwise... meh. This one makes me very very happy- Zoya Yara, a multi-faceted olive green with golden and green and maybe a few red or copper glitters in it. This polish made me smile from the first nail! It went on like a dream- everything I love in a polish. I put it over Seche Rebuild and Seche Clear. I had just gotten some nerdlacquer so I did a single coat of Aurum over one nail then added my favorite color, orange, dots to the others. OPI Roll in the Hague from their new Holland collection is amazing. Dense, creamy and a perfect bright orange cream. Seche Vite and Gelous over the glitter nails with Out The Door over the others.
And Matted- I prefer this actually!


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