Thursday, March 1, 2012

CHOCOLATE!! Not Nail Related, well, maybe a bit, OK totally.....

One of my birthday buddies, Kerrie, was chatting about a chocolate based product line she was itching to try, but there was no info on international ordering, so I volunteered to sacrifice myself to order some of the items and give her feedback to see if they were worth attempting to get shipped to the UK. I contacted Erin of indi chocolate and she was more than happy to put together a "sampler" of her products for me to try. She even shipped before she billed me! That's highly unusual, no, never heard of. I was stalking for more info and found this interview
In our emails I expressed a desire for a chocolate cuticle cream and or scrub and she is working on designing something for us nailheads! OK enough background, here is my review of what she sent me.
so, can I say OMG to the lotion? It's a little runny, but it rubs in with no greasiness at all (good for the office- no marks on the keyboard) and let me tell you what, after an entire day, I can STILL feel it on my arms and hands (even though I washed them at least twice) The BEST part is, it smells like thin mints! Really!! You are going to be sniffing yourself all day long with this stuff!
The lipgloss is the kind I have been searching out, no petroleum products. It smells like chocolate but has no flavor at all, so I'm not licking it off my lips all day. It applies a bit gritty, that may be due to the ingredients, but melts instantly to a soft creamy (not oily) texture on my lips. Applied at night I still have a trace of it in the morning. Winner.
Not too sure of the foot scrubs, because I have been using them for my elbows and dry patches on my arms and legs. They are waxy and gritty, great for exfoliation, the only aside is a residue of light wax on my hands that easily comes off with soap, but I don't feel it anywhere else- just don't let these dissolve in your shower, they will coat the floor and need to be wiped off. Not like that happened to me. No, not me. I heard stuff.....

Bottom line: LOVE the lipgloss and lotion- and Erin has assembled a sampler pack for you lovely ladies and is working on a cuticle balm in a little pot for us!!! (I purchased these items for myself and did this review independently)
GO- BUY- tell her Elizabeth sent you!!

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