Thursday, March 15, 2012

Riveting- take 2

After wearing this matte for a day I decided to spice it up a bit with Finger Paints Asylum- that lasted a day until I got Up Colors Flocado (flaky) Beija na Boca! and added a layer of that as well. Subtle, but so very pretty while driving....not that I was looking at my nails, no, no, I would NEVER do that while driving...


  1. i LOVE this on you.. i JUST painted my nails this color.. I did an accent with luxe and lush.. but I dont think I'm loving luxe and lush so much :\

    1. thanks I think matte and flakies are amazing on this color- it's a bit intense for glitter- try your Luxe and Lush over pastels!

  2. it hurt my eyes today. So so so so so bright. I really want to love it, i do, but i am thinking it may be an orange too far. Well actually, its not orange is it, its ORANGE !!!! x


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