Saturday, March 3, 2012

Lacquistry and her Artistry!

So, I've been swatching my collection on sticks and grabbed the 5 new Catrice polishes I have acquired in the last month. One is a beautiful celery green cream with a fine jade shimmer in it, called Sold Out Forever. I bought Lacquistry's outrageous holo/sparkle/diamond/heaven  called Miles to Go Before I Sleep for two reasons: first, come on, look at it! second, Frost's poem was the second one I ever memorized (it was required in 5th grade) after Jabberwocky (I discovered that was my dad's favorite poem and promptly memorized it so I could recite it for him :) SOFE goes on like most pastels, a little patchy, but I knew I would be covering it up so I did two thin coats. A third or a heavier application would have sufficed.
Now, I'm not gonna lie. MTGBIS is a pain in the patoot to apply. Chunky, sticky, FOAMY?! (where did THAT come from?) and even after a full dropper of Seche Restore was thick and gloopy. There is no painting this stuff on. Dab and swipe, dab and swipe. BUT and that is a huge's so worth it. Even knowing I would have to use Gelous, Out the Door AND Seche Vite. Even knowing I will have to soak in acetone mittens for awhile. This is a dream polish, kindof how I hope the streets of heaven will look. This is the air unicorns breathe out....  :)


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